With a diverse client base of government bodies, developers, the business and commercial sectors, architects and individuals clients: COLSTON SURVEYORS,
the Travelling Surveyor Australia is represented by qualified surveyor Don Colston.With 30 years experience, the surveyor and planner and is capable of completing project development, whether large or small, from initial application through to survey plan lodgement.

Licensed in Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia, the Travelling Surveyor Australia can provide a professional complete consulting surveying and town planning service throughout Australia on a mobile basis, utilising the latest survey equipment and mobile technology.

Surveying services include boundary surveys, identification surveys, contour and detail surveys, construction surveys, subdivisions and specialised surveys such as GPS, subsidence monitor, volumetric surveys, etc.

Town planning services include applications for subdivision, material change of use, operational works, preliminary building approval, etc.


Boundary Surveys:

  • property identification surveys including boundary pegging
  • subdivisions including boundary reconfiguration
  • boundary realignment and strata
  • creation of easements
  • lease area surveys
Topographical Surveys:
  • contour and detail surveys
  • site plan surveys including contours
  • height surveys to Australian Height Datum
  • surveys for engineering design           
  • GPS

Construction Surveys:

  • building setout
  • high rise construction
  • height certification surveys
  • road and drainage setout

Other Surveys:

  • volumetric surveys
  • subsidence monitoring


  • Subdivision: applications to Council for reconfiguration of a lot including boundary realignment  (initial application through to submission for Survey Plan sealing by Council)
  • Material Change of Use: applications to Council for dual occupancy (duplex), multiple residential units,  industrial, commercial, ERA, etc (initial application through to submission for Survey Plan sealing by Council)
  • Operational Works:applications to Council for Operational Works engineering, frontage works, carparking, stormwater management and landscaping


Leica TCRP 1203
Leica 900 GPS Terramodel



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